As a member of ucl Partners, Academic Health Science Partnership, and now based jointly in London and Bangalore, the TRI has its own medical development facility but also access through partnerships and collaboration to international research. Thanks to its Bangalore laboratories, it has a large patient population for appropriate trials.

The TRI is well known for excellent collaboration with the world’s leading research institutions and universities. It currently leads the world’s biggest trial into cvd with more than 50,000 participants across 700 sites. Its global registry contains 55,000 participants in 50 countries.

The TRI’s work has saved millions of lives globally; given its track record and future plans, and properly supported, it will be responsible for saving hundreds of thousands more. Improving worldwide protocol and therapies on prevention and treatment of thrombosis would mean significant savings to every nation’s growing heath budgets. 

Yet at the heart of its work, the TRI’s philosophy remains patient-centred. This relentless focus on the individual drives all its research and methodology.


About TRI

Providing excellence in research, education and patient care.

Our Strategy

At both Thrombosis Research Institutes, we are committed to saving millions of lives, preventing long term disability and reducing healthcare costs by delivering pioneering advances in the detection, prevention and treatment of thrombosis.


Our Achievements

Our multidisciplinary programme of laboratory and clinical research has contributed to major advances in venous thromboembolism that have changed clinical practice.


Our Research

The Thrombosis Research Institute (TRI) has been at the centre of global understanding of thrombosis for 45 years, producing the highest calibre research into the condition.


Our Projects

The Institutes’ research programmes aim to understand the disease process and develop novel and affordable therapies in order to intervene to prevent long term disablement and early death.