Our Research

In the UK, we are uniquely positioned to lead the search for a definitive answer. The Thrombosis Research Institute (TRI) has been at the centre of global understanding of thrombosis for 45 years, producing the highest calibre research into the condition. 

At the TRI, the highest quality clinical care can be combined quickly with the latest academic research so innovations and new treatments flow seamlessly  from theory to practice, and from lab bench to bedside.

Remarkably, the TRI, which opened its London base 20 years ago, consistently exceeds all expectations of what an institute with limited resources can offer genuinely leading research worldwide and driving through bold innovations. Breakthrough contributions already include development of the blood thinning agent heparin which saves 300,000 lives worldwide each year. Others include its demonstration of how commonly fatal clots occur post surgery; how these discoveries lead to more effective forms of treatment; the role blood clotting plays in cancer, and how anti-clotting drugs may be of use in the care of cancer patients. 

The TRI’s current work involves identifying those at risk and protecting them, reducing further the number of preventable deaths in hospital; developing a vaccine for heart disease; establishing the world’s largest programme to understand and so improve management of the global burden of atrial fibrillation – a condition which increases the risk of stroke five times. 

A new generation of drugs developed to target biomarkers – naturally occurring molecules or genes by which a particular pathological or physiological process or disease can be identified – currently being researched by the tri would represent a significant opportunity for interested parties. We follow a rigorous process of intellectual property protection so anything commercially realised will generate funds for contributors as well as be for the benefit of UK medical research.


About TRI

Providing excellence in research, education and patient care.

Our Strategy

At both Thrombosis Research Institutes, we are committed to saving millions of lives, preventing long term disability and reducing healthcare costs by delivering pioneering advances in the detection, prevention and treatment of thrombosis.


Our Achievements

Our multidisciplinary programme of laboratory and clinical research has contributed to major advances in venous thromboembolism that have changed clinical practice.


Our Projects

The Institutes’ research programmes aim to understand the disease process and develop novel and affordable therapies in order to intervene to prevent long term disablement and early death.