Garfield-AF has transitioned to cohort 5

Garfield-AF study team is pleased to announce that on 1st August, 2015 the study transitioned to cohort 5, the final cohort in this registry.

We are very grateful to all involved sites and investigators who helped us successfully reach this milestone and would like to congratulate everyone on this historical achievement.
It is due to the effort and contribution from our investigators that with more than 45,000 patients globally Garfield-AF is the largest registry in the field. In cohort 4 for the first time over 11,000 patients were recruited in 12 months.

As we have reached the last cohort of the study (cohort 5) we would encourage you to enrol the maximum number of eligible patients. This would help us to perform nation level analysis at the end of the study that would define the baseline characteristic and outcomes for the population, treatment pattern and change in treatment practices.

We would also welcome any data requests or publication ideas you may, please submit any such items to us here at TRI using the following email address: