ESC Congress 2015: GARFIELD-AF data

The ESC Congress this year has been exceptionally important for the Thrombosis Research Institute and GARFIELD-AF study, as the first-ever 2-year outcomes data from GARFIELD-AF were presented.

All-cause death was the most frequent major event in more than 17,000 patients with newly diagnosed atrial fibrillation, occurring at a much higher rate than stroke/systemic embolism (SE) and major bleeding. These 2-year prospective outcomes from cohorts 1 and 2 showed a mortality rate of 3.83% per person-year compared with a stroke/SE rate of 1.25% per person-year and major bleeding rate of 0.70% per person-year.

Additionally, GARFIELD-AF data in specific regions and patient populations were presented at ESC Congress 2015. 

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ESC 2015 Garfield Globe

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