Our Strategy

At both Thrombosis Research Institutes, we are committed to saving millions of lives, preventing long term disability and reducing healthcare costs by delivering pioneering advances in the detection, prevention and treatment of thrombosis.

The two institutions, whose combined research activities encompass drug discovery and basic scientific and clinical, as well as epidemiological studies, is primarily concerned with understanding the disease process, developing novel and affordable therapies and identifying those most at risk at an early age.

In addition to this, our London Institute is also closely involved with promoting take up of evidence based methods of prevention and treatment to ensure that knowledge from ground breaking research quickly informs routine clinical practice and benefits patients as soon as possible.

To this end, the Thrombosis Research Institute in London is committed to:

  • Educating health professionals
  • Raising awareness among the public and patients
  • Influencing policy makers especially with regard to ensuring hospitals have appropriate systems in place to identify as early as possible an individual’s risk of thrombosis.