About TRI

Providing excellence in research, education and patient care

Internationally renowned for pioneering, multi-disciplinary research, the Thrombosis Research Institutes are dedicated to the study of thrombosis and related disorders.

Two research establishments in London and Bangalore are united by their shared mission: To provide excellence in thrombosis research, education and patient care and to develop new strategies to prevent and treat thrombosis, thereby reducing healthcare costs and saving millions of lives.

The Thrombosis Research Institute, London, UK (registered charity number 800365) was established in 1989, with the backing of the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, specifically to conduct research into cardiovascular disease (of the heart and blood vessels), a major cause of death and disability throughout the world.

This was followed in 2006, with the founding of the Thrombosis Research Institute, Bangalore, India (registered charity number BNG (U) ANKL S.R/D. No. 117/03-04). Officially opened and dedicated to the Nation by the then President of India, His Excellency Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, this second facility has been set up to study the genetics of heart disease particularly among the South Asian population, who seem to have specific predisposing genetic characteristics and to develop novel and affordable therapies for disease prevention and treatment.

The two partner institutions contribute to a joint, independent research programme under the direction of our two Boards of Trustees in London and Bangalore.

About Thrombosis
Thrombosis is the number one killer in both the developed and developing world. Thromboses, or blood clots, form inside a blood vessel, blocking the whole of a vein or artery and frequently prove fatal. A blood clot in an artery of the heart, such as the coronary artery, is known as a heart attack and a blood clot in the brain is known as a stroke. A pulmonary embolism forms when part of a clot has lodged in a lung artery.

Thromboses are responsible for:

  • 95% of fatal heart attacks
  • 92% of fatal strokes
  • all fatal pulmonary emboli

Our Strategy

At both Thrombosis Research Institutes, we are committed to saving millions of lives, preventing long term disability and reducing healthcare costs by delivering pioneering advances in the detection, prevention and treatment of thrombosis.


Our Achievements

Our multidisciplinary programme of laboratory and clinical research has contributed to major advances in venous thromboembolism that have changed clinical practice.


Our Research

The Thrombosis Research Institute (TRI) has been at the centre of global understanding of thrombosis for 45 years, producing the highest calibre research into the condition.


Our Projects

The Institutes’ research programmes aim to understand the disease process and develop novel and affordable therapies in order to intervene to prevent long term disablement and early death.